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Affacto is your fintech, specialized in cross-border factoring and reverse factoring between Africa and Europe.

We support African and European companies (SMEs/SMIs) in managing their cash flow, by providing innovative financing, by promoting their products/services in new markets and by facilitating cross-border payments).

We’re here to help you improve your cash flow and reduce credit risk, by working with you to manage your supply chain with efficiency.

Our reverse factoring solution enables suppliers to get their invoices paid faster, while our factoring solution offers complete management of the invoicing process, including payment collection.

With Affacto, free up your cash flow.

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Aissata Naba COULIBALY,
CEO of Affacto

Free up your cash flow with Affacto, the financial partner for your success!

A platform that allows the various stakeholders in the trade chain (suppliers, customers, freight forwarders, investors) to work as a team in the same space. AFFACTO FLOW: a secure  platform, specialized in Trade Finance.

Bringing together buyers, suppliers, freight forwarders, financing and credit insurance in the same ecosystem. All while allowing you to track live transactions in a SMART way.

Receive your customers' bills money in 48 hours and reimburse when your customers pay. Give payment deadlines without putting your cash flow in difficulty.
Reverse Factoring
Finance your production chain by financing your supplier invoices in advance and negotiate discounts. Order in volume without waiting for a stock shortage and support your business towards growth while maintaining good business relations with your suppliers.
Debt Collection
Outsource your client portfolio, we will take care of the collection in case of non-payment.
A unique marketplace that allows suppliers to promote their products in new markets. It allows customers to buy from historical suppliers or find new suppliers while benefiting from BNPL as a payment method. Businesses can benefit from payment terms of up to 120 days. The marketplace is also the place where you can find all the services you need to cover the export of your products or facilitate the import.
Money Transfer
We allow our customers to make cross-border transfers in different currencies.
Banks, Financial Institutions
Through AFFACTO FLOW, you can score your customers for better visibility on your credit granting decisions. We allow you to finance invoices already granted by our services on these already scored customers. Affacto get a commission on transactions and you win new SME/SMI customers without bearing the risks. A complete Trade Finance service at no additional cost for your institution, additional services for your existing clientele. We provide you with innovative and quality services to enable you to achieve customer satisfaction.

Why Affacto ?

Expertise in cross-border factoring :

Our team has in-depth expertise in cross-border factoring and reverse factoring Africa/Europe. We work with suppliers to understand their individual needs and provide the best solutions.

Supply chain management :

We can help your business improve your supply chain management by working with your suppliers to reduce costs and improve efficiency.

Security and privacy :

We take the security and privacy of your data very seriously. All information we collect is treated securely and in accordance with regulations.

Commitment to customer satisfaction :

At Affacto, our goal is to provide the best customer service. We are committed to working with our customers to meet their individual needs and provide them with an exceptional customer experience.

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Export Credit Insurance

We work with market leaders to cover your exports.


An intuitive platform and a customer journey adapted to our customers. Registration, credit requests and assignment of invoices are done online in a few clicks.


Response within 48 hours with a credit line offer, allowing you to pay your suppliers within 24 hours in the currency of your choice.


Our offer adapts to your needs, you can use it on a recurring or punctually. With Affacto doing international business has never been easier.


AFFACTO, your trusted partner to enter new markets like Africa. Get as much information as possible about your customers and secure your deals before committing. Our network and our field expertise offer you 360 degree visibility of your partners and their environments.


AFFACTO is committed to a process of security, confidentiality and protection of the users' personal data, in accordance with the French and European regulations.
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